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Monday, December 22, 2008
MF Digital Announces Ripping Systems Specialist
MF Digital is pleased to announce Mark Hulswit as its new Ripping Systems Specialist. With new markets developing and with the ever increasing demand for digital conversion of conventional disc media, Mark is dedicated to promoting and advancing Ripstation Technology Solutions.

Mark Hulswit, previously Western Sales Manager for MF Digital, points out, "We are committed to Disc Ripping Technology. With the addition of the 7601XD System, we now offer a complete hardware line-up for any disc ripping application that our customers might encounter."

Mark goes on to explain, "Whether your a service bureau converting a batch of customer discs or you're a home installer wanting to convert your client's entire Audio CD collection, we have great choices for Ripping Solutions to fit any volume and any budget. We are also very excited about providing our customers with a way for bringing Disc Ripping Services in-house and creating a new profit centers for them."

MF Digital Ripstation Systems provide a fast, automated digital conversion solution for disc media. With these systems you can easily convert a complete audio disc collection with metadata management features and configuration tools to control the exact ripping quality. You can can encode multiple file formats - even simultaneously, and all metadata or tag information, including album art, is retrieved from a choice of up to three on-line databases.

The recent introduction of the 7601XD has provided an affordable,entry-level system that is pc-connected, self-enclosed and has everything needed for fast and accurate automated disc ripping.

Please contact Mark Hulswit for all your Ripstation inquiries at 610-628-3181 or email him at markh@mfdigital.com.