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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Video of Disc Shake on DVD Duplicator
MF Digital published a new DVD duplicator video on the exclusive feature of "Disc Shake."

Feature: Disc Shake is a toggle On/Off feature used when multiple discs are being placed into a CD / DVD duplicator drive or CD Printer tray because of sticky media.

Situation: This type of problem occurs when "sticky media" is used during the production process.

Benefit: By enabling this feature, MF Digital robotics will "shake lose sticky media" dropping the erroneous media. Result - Only 1 Disc is placed in the tray during load process.

The Disc Shake feature is available on the following models: Scribe CD DVD Duplicators, Director Publishing Duplicators, CD DVD Print Stations, CD DVD Ripping Systems and Medical Disc Imaging Duplicators.

If you would like to publish the Disc Shake video on your website or blog please click here for code.