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Friday, November 02, 2007
Customer Feedback on RipStation
Music ripping, video ripping and data ripping is an exciting category for MF Digital. The ripping business segment is the newest to hit the CD DVD Duplication industry and MF Digital is leading the way. Our systems offer features which competitors do not. In addition, you have the reliability of a proven robotics system for accurate and consistent disc movement. But don't take it from us, read what our users are saying:


This is awesome. I'm now ripping my entire collection. I had started to use another ripping system, but it was a horrible product. At the end of the day, it didn't have error correction and I found a couple of bad rips in the first batch of test rips. Everything that annoyed me about this other system is addressed in your MF Digital RipStation. But at any rate, the fee structure from "the other guys" have AMG and Freedb lookups. The cost is $0.28/rip, regardless of the data source. It was really annoying me that it would not find a match in AMG, then do a freedb rip and charge me, especially when I could find the title manually in AMG.

I like the RipStation because I can do a pass on chargeable database after searching, then a pass on GD3 and reject, then a pass on CDPlayer.ini and reject, and finally a freedb and reject pass if needed.

I really like RipStation! It blows my other system away!


Thank you for the sales info...looks like a great tool, and I am happy to use more of your products. They are great, solid, intuitive, and well supported.


Once again, this is an excellent product and I can't wait to run my collection through it. I tried another system and it before buying the RipStation. It was a nightmare! RipStation is much better and easier to use and configure.

The RipStation by MF Digital is also backed by our well known customer support team who is not only dedicated to solving problems, but pride themselves on rapid response times. To learn more about the automated CD ripping systems, visit our RipStation homepage.