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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
CD DVD Data Ripping or Data Extraction
Data ripping or data extraction is an untapped vertical market and a solution MF Digital offers for those needing to upload large amounts of data from CD or DVD.

The concept of Data Ripping is extracting information from source CDs or DVDs into a storage box or network location. With the amount of data generated for storage and archive, there comes a time when that off-line information needs to become on-line.

MF Digital offers a solution which automatically extracts data from CD or DVD sources and puts that information to your designated location. What is nice about the Data Ripping solution is our ability to quickly and easily provide a naming convention for the extracted data, provide reliable robotics for large sets of discs and include network software for more convenient system control.

The Scribe Data Ripping features include some of the following:
To better understand the vertical market here are some examples for data ripping needs:
  1. Airforce has thousands of training DVDs and needs to upload the content to a SAN (Storage Area Network) box for on-line access.
  2. San Diego law firm uses data ripping to upload case files delivered on CD to firm's storage network.
  3. NASA archives high resolution .tiff image files to DVD and needs to pull that information back on-line to conduct further research.
  4. Johns Hopkins receives 80mm mini CDs from all over the world with DNA information needing to be extracted and uploaded to their Inherited Disease Research Data Center for cataloging and data analysis.
Each example is intended to demonstrate how data ripping solutions become valuable assets to those needing automated data extraction systems.