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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
MF Digital Announces RipStation 7000 Series

Press Release:

May 15, 2007 -- MF Digital announces the release of The RipStation 7000 Series, a multi-format music CD ripping system which automatically rips CDs to iPod or similar MP3 player devices. The automated CD ripping system is designed to convert traditional CD music to a digital format for use on MP3 players, cell phones and personal media players (PMP). Ripping is not limited to players, the system may also rip to hard disk then automatically backed up to one or more DVDs.

With an estimated 10 billion CDs currently in possession in the US alone, MF Digital developed a solution to convert music collections already in place to a digital format. "On average, a household has 150 discs in their collection and many of these owners are not savvy enough to convert CDs to MP3 or do not have the time for the conversion process," says John McGrath, product manager, "The RipStation system is ideal for service bureaus, radio stations and professional services looking to provide this service and convert the traditional music CD to the digital format."

McGrath continues, "The RipStation uses multiple databases to provide accurate and consistent metadata information for every CD ripped - the key to successful ripping is organization and accuracy during the aggregation process. The RipStation offers advanced software features allowing direct loading straight from CD to digital device. This forward thinking design speeds up the ripping process and increases throughput from disc-to-disc which ultimately provides a better return on investment for the CD ripping service company."

The RipStation uses multi-threading technology so in multi-drive models each drive will rip CDs independently and simultaneously. The CD ripping system is available in one, two and four drive configurations with a maximum 300 disc capacity. Metadata information is extracted 20 levels deep from the original source CD along with album artwork for graphical presentation. The RipStation supports the following MP3 players for direct-to-device download: iPod, Creative, SanDisk, Nokia, Imerge, XiVA, Crestron, Escient, Request, Digital Future & Sonos.

The complete line of MF Digital RipStation Systems are available through a world-wide network of authorized resellers.

To find out more about the RipStation 7000 Series, or find a dealer in your area, contact MF Digital: + 631 249 9393 x 205 or sales @ mfdigital.com or