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Monday, September 11, 2006
MF Digital Offers Mulitlingual User Interface to it's PC based Duplication Systems
The Multilingual User Interface or "MUI" are additional file resources found on MF Digital PC based duplicators giving the user an ability to change the language interface on the operating system according to their preference. There are now 33 supported languages for the MF Digital Scribe PC and Director Series operating systems.

This new feature allows resellers to provide a clear selling advantage over their competition with local language support. Further, this allows large corporations to roll out purchasing strategies for duplication equipment on a global scale. Local users can select the user interface language while corporate can focus on a single supplier, MF Digital.

MUI also allows different language users to share the same workstation or roaming users to take their localized user interface from one workstation to another. For instance, one user might choose to see system menus, dialogs and other text in Japanese, while another user logging onto the same system might prefer to see the corresponding text in French.

MF Digital believes this new feature will provide unique opportunities for resellers to succeed in their own market while providing the highest level of service and experience to the end-user.