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Monday, August 01, 2005
New Product Enhancements and Designations

Scribe PC Series
(250 - 600 disc capacity options)
The MF Digital Scribe EC series has evolved into the Scribe PC. The new Scribe PC includes many innovations for PC-based duplication. Primarily: the PC is built in. This is known as a "KVM" system. You simply add a keyboard, video display, and mouse and you ready to enjoy the full power of a Microsoft XP PRO based system which can be accessed from any desktop PC with MF Digital's exclusive Scribe PC network client. MF Digital's new Uni-Drive technology allows CD and DVD duplication from one drive (Pioneer 109 based). The exclusive Intelligent Spindle Select lets the Scribe PC select CD or DVD media automatically based on disc image submitted by user.

Scribe SA Series
(250 - 600 disc capacity options)
The new Scribe SA series still employs the simple 10-key keypad interface that standalone system customers love. As with the Scribe PC it also makes use of Uni-Drive technology and Intelligent Spindle Select. Mf Digital's famous client software is still included at no additional charge.

Director Series
(250 - 600 disc capacity options)
The Director Office series is now known simply as the Director. The powerful 4 drive system is now known as the Director PRO.